Antica Gelateria Gentile: the best ice cream in Bari

I visited Bari for the fourth time this year in February. The goal this time was not Bari itself, but after a year, I decided to visit the beautiful town of Matera again. In Bari, there is already very pleasant spring weather in February. And Italian ice cream simply belongs to nice weather. During my visits to Bari, I tasted a lot of ice cream, but I always return to one place – to Gelateria Gentile  on the edge of the historic center. The history of the ice cream parlor dates back to 1880 when Michele Gentile opened a small ice cream stand in Bari. The ice cream parlor has been at its current location since 2009, and in 2022 the premises underwent extensive reconstruction and are brand new.

Ice cream from Antica Gelateria Gentile
Ice cream from Antica Gelateria Gentile

The offer is very wide and at the same time clearly divided, with information about whether each ice cream is gluten-free (practically all) or lactose-free. Prices are favorable, the staff is helpful and kind. You can enjoy the ice cream in the outdoor garden or walk a short distance in front of the castle, sit on a bench, and enjoy the view. If you were to try only one ice cream in Bari, give this ice cream parlor a chance, you will not regret it.

Bon appetit!

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map link:

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