Beijinhos de Amor aka kisses of love

Beijinhos de Amor, or kisses of love. The recipe for sweet pastries originated in the town of Lousada, which is located about 50 km from Porto. A kiss is sweet, just like these pastries, especially when accompanied by port wine.

Sweet kisses of love

The recipe is relatively simple, for approximately 600 g of dough made from flour and sugar, yeast, and lemon juice, 3 whole eggs and another 15 yolks are used. The pastries get their beautiful yellow color from the yolks. The surface of the pastries is decorated with sugar icing.

Pastry kisses of love

You can buy the pastries either by weight or in packages of various sizes. The shelf life of the pastries is several months.

Pastry kisses of love

The pastries truly melt in your mouth, reminding you of what a sweet kiss symbolizes. I tasted a pastry made by the bakery Casa Lemos, founded in 1841, but you can also find other manufacturers.

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