Bourekas aka filled puff pastry

Bourekas is a type of savory pastry that is popular in many Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries. It is made from thin puff pastry, which is filled with various fillings, such as cheese, potatoes, minced meat, or spinach. Pastry is then baked until golden and crispy, and usually served as a snack or part of a larger meal.

Bourekas with cheese and egg

There are many different types of bourekas, and the specific ingredients and fillings can vary in different regions. It is a popular dish that can often be found in bakeries and street vendors. In Israel, cheese bourekas are cut open before serving, with chopped egg, spices, and possibly a spicy sauce added inside. They are often enjoyed with pickled cucumbers.

Preparing bourekas

Bourekas likely originated in the Ottoman Empire, which covered most of the territory of the Middle East and southeastern Europe from the 14th to the early 20th century. Bourekas are very similar to other types of pastries that have been popular in the region for centuries (such as börek), and probably evolved from them.

Bistro Burekas Musa

I had bourekas at the renowned kosher bistro Burekas Musa in Jerusalem. The bistro specializes exclusively in this type of food and has been operating continuously since 1959. The first time I stopped by, it was sold out. The same happened the second time. I was lucky on the third try. Cheese bourekas with egg and cucumbers cost 26 shekels, which is approximately 7.20 EUR. Card payment is also possible.

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