Cartocci siciliani aka doughnut cannoli

Cartocci siciliani is the lesser-known cousin of the popular cannoli. It is a pastry similar to the doughnut.

Cartocci siciliani

The preparation of cartocci is simple. Raw dough is wrapped around a metal tube and then fried in oil until golden brown. The metal tube is removed and its place is filled with a sweet ricotta filling, complemented by chocolate balls. The freshly fried cartocci is then coated in sugar, and its production is complete.

Cartocci siciliani

The current flight connection from Prague to Sicilian Palermo lands late at night, so this fluffy cartocci was the first local food I ate on my October Sicilian trip. I bought it at a small bakery called Il Panettiere, and it cost approximately 1.50 EUR. Enjoy!

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