Challah: Sweet Holiday Bread

Challah is a special sweet bread that is consumed on the Sabbath and other major Jewish holidays (except for Passover). A portion of the raw dough from which the challah is prepared is set aside as an offering before baking.

Challah, the sweet holiday bread
Challah, the sweet holiday bread

Jewish communities in Israel are diverse, and so challah can vary in individual recipes. For example, raisins, saffron, anise, or sesame seeds can be added. For the Jewish New Year, challah can be prepared rolled into a circle and may also be brushed with honey to make the upcoming year “sweet.”

I bought a small loaf of challah before the Sabbath at a local bakery for 3 shekels, which is approximately 0.80 EUR. Compared to similar Czech bread called “vánočka”, it seemed significantly more tender and therefore more interesting.

Bon appetit!