Costedda di Villasimius aka special focaccia

On the road, it is very common to come across food that is typical for a particular region and cannot be found anywhere else. However, it is rare to encounter such an unknown local specials as costedda from the four-thousand-strong village of Villasimius. Costedda is based on the classic focaccia bread, but in this recipe, all the water has been replaced with juicy tomatoes or, in another version, onions.

Onion costedda

We tried both versions, both onion and tomato. Although the tomato one is more classic, the onion one won hands down. The onion costedda was very delicate, practically falling apart, the onion was beautifully sweet and caramelized on the surface.

Tomato costedda

The tomato costedda smelled wonderful, and the amount of tomatoes in the dough must have been huge. Here, too, the dough was very delicate, practically falling apart. Both the onion and tomato versions were not too greasy, and I could imagine eating them for breakfast all week. Both versions cost about 15 EUR per kilogram at the Frau bakery, so you will pay approximately 3.50 EUR for one portion.

Villasimius Beach

Sardinia is known for its crystal-clear water and white sand. The most beautiful beaches are located near the village of Villasimius. The local protected area also offers amazing natural scenery, a saltwater lake with flamingos, or a place where loggerhead turtles hatch.

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