Delizia al limone aka lemon delight of Amalfi

Lemons are inextricably linked with Sorrento and its surroundings. It’s no wonder that delizia al limone aka lemon delight, also benefits from the popularity of lemons. Delizia al limone is a typical dessert of Neapolitan cuisine, originally from Sorrento. The dessert was invented in 1978 by Sorrento pastry chef Carmine Marzuillo. It is a sponge cake soaked in limoncello syrup, covered with lemon cream, and decorated on top with, for example, a piece of chocolate or a wild strawberry.

Delizia al limone

We had the opportunity to taste it at Pansa patisserie in the town of Amalfi. The Pansa family, who founded the patisserie in 1830, is now in its fifth generation of practicing the craft. It is located right in the historic center of Amalfi, so higher prices are not surprising – the dessert costs 6 EUR, and coffee is 3 EUR. However, the reward is also a beautiful view of the surrounding historic buildings.

The town of Amalfi itself was a bit of a disappointment for me, as there are many tourists concentrated in a relatively small area. Nevertheless, the Amalfi Coast is incredibly beautiful, and if you want to see it in all its glory, I recommend taking a speedboat from Amalfi to Positano, another beautiful town. The speedboat costs 9 EUR and is really fast. For some, it can be an experience due to the high waves, but for others with a weaker stomach, it might be less enjoyable. Boats with regular speed also run from Amalfi to Positano. Have a nice sail!

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