Full Irish breakfast in Dublin

If I had to name a single dish that I associate with Irish cuisine, it would be the full Irish breakfast. A very hearty breakfast, which includes grilled sausages, beans in tomato sauce, fried eggs, sautéed mushrooms, bacon, white or black pudding (a slice of blood or white sausage), fried potato hash brown, toasted bread, butter, and of course plenty of coffee or black tea. A breakfast that will provide you with energy for practically the whole day.

Full Irish Breakfast in Oh’Rourke’s Bistro

A small establishment where only locals were sitting during breakfast time. No frills, simple furnishings, plastic tablecloths on the tables. Nevertheless, extremely pleasant service and great food for very good money. From the menu, you can choose which items you want in your breakfast, eight courses with coffee or tea will cost approximately 9 EUR. Not only because of the willingness of the gentleman who served and was happy to recommend a pub where live music is played in the evening, I would return without hesitation on my next visit.

Full Irish breakfast at Oh'Rourke's
Full Irish breakfast at Oh’Rourke’s

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Full Irish Breakfast in Tasty 8 Bistro

Tasty 8 is a noticeably more upscale bistro, with absolutely professional and very fast service. The full Irish breakfast was also excellent and for a similar price. For breakfast, you can also choose other items, the eggs Benedict were delicious. Breakfast costs slightly more than at Oh’Rourke’s.

Full Irish breakfast at Tasty 8
Full Irish breakfast at Tasty 8

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Difference between full Irish breakfast and full English breakfast

What is the difference between a typical Irish and English breakfast? At first glance, they look very similar, the breakfast items are practically the same. After returning from Ireland, I wanted to find out, but I couldn’t find anything relevant. In discussions, you can find posts from typical Irish or English people saying that this or that must be in “their” breakfast, but the difference is really small. Anyway, this type of breakfast is suitable after a few Guinness beers.

Bon appetit!