Grilled corn

When you say grilling, most people think of hamburgers, meat, or sausages. In Turkey, however, the most common grilled food you can come across is corn. And it’s great!

Grilled corn

Grilled corn is one of the most common street food in Turkey. It is an inexpensive and yet very tasty dish that serves as a great small snack. The key to a well-prepared dish in this case is the use of fresh and sweet corn. It is first peeled, boiled, and then grilled on an open fire, which gives it a smoky, slightly charred taste. All this takes place at small wheeled stands that can be found wherever there are many people.

Stand with grilled corn

The sellers always have several ready-made grilled corns in stock, so you don’t have to wait long for your food. They will heat the corn on the grill and sell it directly into your hand, just wrapped in paper. If you want, you can have it salted and start eating right away. One grilled corn costs 12 lira, which is about 0.60 EUR.

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