Islak burger aka wet hamburger

Islak burger is an interesting Turkish variation of the classic burger. It is made from a slice of ground beef, served in a toasted bun with various side dishes and a special tomato sauce, which gives the hamburger its characteristic taste. This sauce gives the Islak burger a juicy taste and a “moist” consistency.

Box with wet hamburgers

In Turkey, Islak burger is a common street food that you often come across. The burgers are completely prepared in advance. They are stored in heated boxes to keep them warm. Despite the constant heating, they retain their juiciness.

Islak burger aka wet hamburger

Islak burger is popular also because it is a food that you order, get immediately, and can continue on your journey right away. It is a popular choice for busy people or those who are simply looking for a quick and filling meal.

Islak burger aka wet hamburger inside

I always have a great Islak burger at the Taksim Döner stand, where it costs 15 lira, i.e., about 0.80 EUR. Although the name doesn’t sound very appealing, it is not a “soggy” food, and people who have tried it on my recommendation have been satisfied.

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