Crostata: Italian Baked Pie

The baked crostata pie is among the oldest Italian desserts. The first mention of it appeared as early as the 15th century. The base is a delicate crispy dough, and the filling is most often sweet jams, with a lattice of dough laid over the pie.

In Italy, you will find crostata in many forms – the fillings are apricot, strawberry, cherry, or peach, and fresh fruit can also be used. It can also be prepared with a savory filling, such as meat, fish, or vegetables. Savory fillings are usually pre-cooked.

Italian pie crostata
Italian pie crostata

The classic jam crostata is too sweet for me, so I don’t seek it out, but lovers of sweets will certainly be satisfied. You can get a crostata for the price of 10 Euros kilogram, with one serving costing approximately 2 EUR.

Bon appetit!

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