Kokoreç aka grilled lamb intestines and offal

Turkish cuisine is known for its diverse flavors and sophisticated dishes. One of the dishes that tries to make use of the whole animal “nose to tail” is kokoreç.

Kokoreç sandwich

Kokoreç is prepared by wrapping lamb sweetbread in thoroughly cleaned lamb intestines. This creates a very long and thick sausage. It is then grilled to a golden brown on hot wooden charcoal. The result is a tasty and juicy dish that can be eaten sliced, but it is much more common to chop it into small pieces and further season it with a strong spice mixture. The meat is placed in a toasted baguette and the whole meal is eaten as a sandwich.

Preparing kokoreç

One of the reasons why kokoreç is so popular in Turkey is the fact that its production is relatively cheap, making it a great option for street vendors and small restaurants. In addition, its interesting taste makes it a great choice for those looking for something “different.”

Kokoreç is definitely not for everyone, but it is certainly worth trying for those who like to discover new foods. I regularly order it at Güneş Kokoreç bistro, where one sandwich costs 60 lira, which is about 3.20 EUR. I always order a few pieces of stuffed mussels here as well.

And what about you, would you try kokoreç?

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map link:

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