Mlýnec Restaurant, Prague

Prague’s snow-covered Charles Bridge has its own charm. Even more so if you’re looking at it from the warmth of the excellent Mlýnec Restaurant.

The Mlýnec restaurant offers a three-course lunch menu for a great 495 CZK (about 20 EUR), which for me is an irresistible price/performance ratio. The menu is the same for the whole week, you can choose three items at full price or a starter and main course or main course and dessert for a reduced 395 CZK (about 16 EUR).

Strong beef broth with meat slices

Thick beef broth with meat slices is a very popular dish for me in the winter months. It warms, satiates, gives energy. Even more so when it is served in such a wonderful way. Taste? Great.

Quail roll with barley groats risotto

Quail roll with barley groats risotto as main course. The roll was juicy, the risotto pleasantly creamy, a perfectly balanced dish.

Sweet spot at the end

The previous two courses are only flawlessly complemented by a sweet spot at the end.

If you haven’t been to the lunch menu at Mlýnec Restaurant, I recommend trying it out. Try to book a table in the front row and enjoy your meal with an incredible view of Charles Bridge. Enjoy!

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