Ostri aka spicy beef stew

Ostri is a Georgian stew, famous for its generous use of hot red pepper. Pieces of beef are stewed with onions, garlic, and a variety of spices, including coriander, blue fenugreek, and hot red pepper. The tender and juicy beef blends perfectly with the rich, spicy broth. Ostri is a dish that warms from the inside, making it an ideal companion for the colder months. Traditional Georgian bread goes perfectly with ostri, being ideal for soaking up the rich, spiced sauce.

Ostri is a dish that is associated with celebrations and community and often appears on a traditional Georgian feast supra. At these, it is often served in a large pot from which everyone helps themselves according to taste. Ostri is garnished with freshly chopped onions and herbs before consumption.

Ostri from a restaurant in Kutaisi
I had the opportunity to taste this beef stew in several places, but I was most intrigued in a local tavern in Kutaisi. The version they served here contained large pieces of tender meat, which literally melted in your mouth. Ostri was also served at a Georgian supra feast that was just taking place here. One portion here cost 12 GEL, (about 4.30 EUR).

Ostri from a restaurant in Tbilisi
The second place where ostri caught my attention was the traditional Mapshalia restaurant in Tbilisi. They prepare ostri here from cheaper cuts of meat and offcuts, and the local ostri even vaguely reminded me of tripe soup in terms of flavor. One portion cost 7 GEL (about 2.60 EUR).

If you like spicy food, you must definitely try ostri in Georgia!