Pişmaniye aka Turkish cotton candy

Pişmaniye is a type of Turkish confectionery similar to cotton candy. However, the preparation and composition are significantly different. It is made by mixing flour roasted in butter and sugar and then stretching the mixture into thin fibers. These threads are then twisted into delicate, fluffy braids that literally melt in your mouth.

Pişmaniye, the Turkish cotton candy - preparation

I had a great opportunity to watch the manual preparation of pişmaniye in the original way. It was a heavy and time-consuming job, carried out by four men. The initially thick fibers were gradually stretched, folded, and stretched again to create delicate braids.

Pişmaniye, the Turkish cotton candy - preparation

However, you can easily buy packaged pişmaniye directly in the store, for example, it is produced in Turkey by the famous confectionery company Koska, which is famous for its sweets lokum. There are also flavors such as hazelnuts, cocoa, or vanilla, or you can buy one package with different flavors inside.

Pişmaniye, the Turkish cotton candy

In my opinion, Turkish cotton candy “pişmaniye” is a nice and non-traditional gift that you can bring from Turkey for someone. One package bought in a supermarket costs approximately 2 EUR.


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