Rugelach: Chocolate Pastry

Rugelach is a popular Jewish sweet pastry, most often filled with chocolate. However, the filling can also be nuts, cinnamon, poppy seeds, or fruit jams. The dough is always spread with the filling and then rolled into a crescent shape and baked. There is also a version where milk is not used in the dough, making it possible to consume this rugelach with meat and adhere to kosher rules.


In Yiddish, the root of the word rugelach supposedly expresses “twist” but also “corner”. In Jerusalem, you can find rugelach in the Old City practically everywhere, as it is offered by almost every street vendor selling pastries.

Rugelach - mini version
Rugelach – mini version

There are also small versions of rugelach – I chose those. I bought a package of 12 pieces, freshly taken out of the oven, for 15 shekels (approx. 4 EUR) in one of the small bakeries. And how does rugelach taste? It is a relatively dense and hearty pastry, the chocolate filling works well with the dough and sesame seeds. One rugelach could be eaten in two or three bites. I definitely recommend trying this sweet pastry.

Bon appetit!