Schoggiweggli aka chocolate pastry from Basel

Switzerland is famous for its excellent chocolate. It is no wonder that the Swiss like to use it wherever possible. One such case is schoggiweggli, a sweet pastry filled with large pieces of chocolate.

Schoggiweggli or chocolate pastry from Basel

Schoggiweggli is baked all over the country, but it is strongly associated with Basel. This sweet pastry was invented in 1975 by Anton Bachmann from the Confiserie Bachmann company, and today it is sold in many bakeries and shops in the city.

It is usually made from a combination of flour, yeast, sugar, salt, butter, milk, and dark chocolate. The pieces of chocolate are not small at all, they are definitely not sparing. The rolls are baked until golden and cut on top before finishing. This is what makes schoggiweggli unconventional. It reveals even more of the chocolate hidden in the dough.

Schoggiweggli or chocolate pastry from Basel

One piece of schoggiweggli costs 2.55 CHF, which is approximately the same amount in EUR.

Bon appétit!