Scotch egg aka egg in sausage meat

The Scotch egg is a popular type of British snack. The traditional version of this dish consists of a whole boiled egg, wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs, and then fried until golden. Scotch eggs can be eaten warm or cold, often served with pickled vegetables or with mustard and mayonnaise. You can find them in many British pubs and supermarkets, and they were even imported to many countries by the Marks & Spencer chain.

Scotch egg aka egg in sausage meat

The authorship of the recipe is claimed by the London department store Fortnum & Mason, which claims to have invented it in 1738. However, it is more likely that they popularized an already existing dish, as the idea of eggs wrapped in meat is much older and occurs in many different cultures.

The name “Scotch egg” does not refer to Scotland, it probably comes from the word “scotched,” which means “processed” or “altered.”

There are many recipes for Scotch eggs, including the “Manchester egg,” which features a pickled egg wrapped in a mix of pork meat and black pudding. There are even vegetarian versions of Scotch eggs that replace the meat mixture with falafel.

The photograph captures a fish variant of the “Kedgeree Scotch Egg” with a meat mixture made from smoked haddock. In The Mayfair Chippy restaurant, this freshly prepared egg, along with flavoured mayonnaise, cost 8.95 GBP (about 10.30 EUR) and was great.

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