Sfincione aka Sicilian pizza

Sfincione is one of the typical dishes on the streets of Palermo. The base is a high, risen, soft pizza dough; after all, some people call sfincione Sicilian pizza. The dough is spread with a mixture of tomatoes, onions, anchovies, and oregano and baked in an oven or stove.


Sfincione is literally a symbol of street food in Palermo. On the streets of Palermo, you can find small stands with vendors who offer customers only sfincione. They have a hot plate at the stand, on which they heat individual pieces from both sides. Before serving, the sfincione is generously drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with oregano.

Sfincione seller

I treated myself to sfincione in Palermo at this small stand near the historic del Capo market. The dough was beautifully soft, the tomato mixture was strong, but most importantly – the bottom and partially the top part were wonderfully crispy, even slightly burnt. This sfincione shot me to heaven. I immediately remembered the focaccia barese from Magda bakery, which I personally consider the best I have ever eaten.

One huge portion of sfincione captured in the picture cost only 1 Euro. If you are in Palermo and have the opportunity to taste only one local street food, then I would advocate for it to be sfincione.

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