Where to go for a beer in Dublin? To Cobblestone!

My question is provocative, I fully admit it. Anyone who has been to Dublin as a tourist will tell you that for a beer, you should definitely go to the Temple Bar district. A district with a high concentration of typical Irish pubs in picturesque old houses with narrow streets. And lots of people.

I arrived in the center of Dublin on Friday before ten o’clock in the evening and walked through the Temple Bar district on my way to the accommodation. And then again on Saturday evening. Although I admit that Friday and Saturday evenings probably look different than regular evenings during the week, it discouraged me from visiting any of the establishments in this district. There was a really long queue leading to each of the pubs, and there were (and even lay) a considerable number of drunk young people on the streets between the pubs. Something that was not entirely pleasant to me.

Temple Bar - one of the most famous pubs in Dublin
Temple Bar – one of the most famous pubs in Dublin

After some time, I talked about it with my friend Robert, who is at home in Dublin. He told me: “You know, those pubs work like a well-oiled machine. As soon as someone who is too drunk or someone who is making a mess appears inside, out of nowhere a long strong arm appears, grabs him and pulls him out in front of the pub.” I didn’t have the opportunity to see it, it is possible that it really works like that. But also because of the high number of tourists in this district, I wanted to go elsewhere, somewhere where there are only locals.

Live music at Cobblestone
Live music at Cobblestone

At breakfast in bistro Oh’Rourke’s I got a tip for the Cobblestone pub. And it was a great recommendation. Cobblestone is a pub outside the center of Dublin, not as polished as the pubs in the Temple Bar district, but it definitely has atmosphere. In the evening, you will experience typical Irish music and local regulars who know each other, spontaneously dance and sing, and give the place an unmistakable charm.

Spontaneous continuation in the inner garden of Cobblestone
Spontaneous continuation in the inner garden of Cobblestone

After the end of the musical production, several guests borrowed musical instruments and continued in the inner garden of the pub. Great atmosphere, only local people, no overly drunk people. For me, the strongest and most beautiful experience, spontaneous events that I really like. When you are in Dublin, give a chance to pubs outside Temple Bar. Cobblestone is a great choice.

Cheers and drink responsibly!

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