Where to next?

Where should I go next? If you have a recommendation for your favorite restaurant, cozy bistro, or snack stand, whether in Prague, Czech Republic or anywhere else in the world, I would be grateful if you send me your suggestions at info@jidlonacestach.cz.

My international travels are over for the year 2023; I will embark on a (gastronomic) adventure again in the spring of 2024. The first destination could be beloved Morocco or Turkey. I try to visit both countries at least once a year. I would also like to take advantage of new direct flights to the Spanish city of Seville or the beautiful Polish city of Gdansk.

In Prague, my hometown, I would like to visit restaurants The Eatery and CJ26. If you have any tips on interesting establishments, street food, or gastronomic trips in these locations, please send me a message at info@jidlonacestach.cz.

Thank you!

Where to next? Tokyo, Seville or Tehran?
Where to next? Tokyo, Seville or Tehran?