About me

I love food. I love to travel.

I’ve traveled all over Europe, I’ve fallen in love with Morocco and Turkey, I’ve traveled from north to south in Jordan, I’ve peeked under the hood of China in a short two weeks. I try to travel light, low cost, with respect to local customs. I feel most comfortable among the locals.

My favorite way to experience a foreign culture is through food. Exploring local gastronomic specialties and restaurants takes me the most time in preparation. I enjoy dedicating myself to it. I have been pursuing cooking as a hobby for many years now and cook on a daily basis.

Good food can easily become the goal of a journey.

Enjoy it!


Duck breast, mashed potatoes, mushrooms (April 2017)

Duck breast, mashed potatoes, mushrooms (April 2017).

Rib-eye steak (June 2017)

Rib-eye steak (June 2017).

Sourdough bread (February 2021)

Sourdough bread (February 2021).