Bakery Perrone, Matera

Italian bakeries are known for their emphasis on quality and tradition. Their range is significantly wider compared to other ones. One of my very favorite bakeries in Matera is also Perone bakery. In their offer, you will find not only classic baked goods but especially a wide range of topped focaccias, various already baked pizzas, and sweets are not missing either.

Perone Bakery - focaccia

A large part of the assortment is sold by weight here, so you can easily taste a piece from several things. The offer is tempting, so you will definitely not stay with just one type of baked goods.

Perone Bakery - focaccia

Unlike other bakeries, it is possible to sit inside and eat the food right on the spot. The staff will heat it up for you if necessary. They are not used to tourists here, but if you visit this bakery, they will try to accommodate you as much as possible. And maybe you will get some small sweet treat as a courtesy of the establishment.

Perone Bakery - logo

Italian bakers are proud of their craft and often pass it down from generation to generation. The same goes for Perone bakery. It was founded in 1890, making it one of the oldest in Matera.

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