Camden Market aka Amy Winehouse’s favorite market

Camden Market in London is known for its alternative culture and interesting mix of food stalls, fashion, and crafts. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. It is actually a collection of neighboring markets, each with its own character. They include Camden Lock Market, Stables Market, and Buck Street Market.

Camden Lock Market

At Camden Market, you can find food from almost every corner of the world, from Asian street food, Italian classics, Afro-Caribbean flavors to delicacies from the Middle East.

Street food at Camden Lock

At each of the stalls, a non-saleable sample of food is usually displayed to give the customer a perfect overview of what they will get for their money.

Street food at Camden Lock

Food is usually cheaper than in the center of London, and it is possible to pay by card everywhere.

Stables Market

The Stables Market has a particularly interesting history. It used to be a horse hospital and stables for horses that pulled Pickfords’ barges along the canal. Today, the equestrian past of this place is reminded by horse statues and tunnels.

Statue of Amy Winehouse at Camden Market

Camden Market has a significant connection with Amy Winehouse. This famous singer and songwriter, who became famous for her deep, expressive contralto vocals and rich mix of musical genres, was a local resident and regular visitor to the market. Camden Town and the market itself were dear to her. Winehouse was often seen in her favorite local places, such as The Hawley Arms pub. Her influence on this area was so strong that after her death in 2011, a life-sized bronze statue of her was erected at the Stables Market.

Punk rocker at Camden Market

So, Camden Market is not just a marketplace, it’s also a place with an interesting history and deeply connected with one of the most iconic British musicians of the 21st century. Even now, the area attracts interesting personalities. Who knows, maybe on your way back to other London landmarks, you will come across this genuine “punk rocker” just like I did.

Enjoy Camden Market!

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