Broadway Market aka mixed market in the heart of London’s Hackney

Broadway Market is a charming street market in the heart of London’s Hackney district, stretching from London Fields to Regent’s Canal. Here, you’ll find everything from organic meat and dairy, fresh homemade cakes and pastries, to fruits and vegetables. Other food stalls cover a range of the most popular global cuisines. Additionally, Broadway Market is also a great place to buy handicrafts, books, clothes, and other items from independent designers and antique dealers.

Hot dog

Broadway Market emerged as a bustling trade route in the 1890s. Cattlemen herded their livestock to London from the surrounding countryside. The market became a busy commercial zone with stalls, shops, and pubs. However, in the mid-20th century, as supermarkets spread and became popular, the market declined. It was almost forgotten until the early 21st century when local merchants and residents revived it. In 2004 it was restored as a Saturday market with a handful of stalls, but its popularity quickly grew and today the market is open seven days a week.

Broadway Market - oyster stand

The Hackney district, where the market is located, is not directly in the center of London, so the place is not as saturated with visitors as, for example, Borough Market. It’s much easier here to soak up the atmosphere, stop for a coffee, and observe the bustling activity around.

Broadway Market - offering

The market operates in any weather; I last visited it in the rain, which simply belongs to London.

Cheddar, bacon, arugula, and mustard sandwich

I couldn’t resist the offer of a toasted sandwich with cheddar, bacon, arugula, and mustard for 7.5 GBP (approx. 8.50 EUR, the photo is half portion). It was excellent.

Broadway Market - roasted pork

The offer of grilled pork was also tempting. Most vendors will gladly offer you a small free tasting.

Broadway Market - offering

On the stands, you will find local fruits and vegetables, as well as a range of cut flowers.

Broadway Market - offering

Broadway Market is not as well-known and visited as other London markets, but if you’re not too far from the Hackney district, it’s definitely worth a visit.

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