Guinness Brewery, Dublin

If there’s one thing that belongs to Dublin, it’s the legendary Guinness beer. It would be a shame not to visit the extensive interactive exhibition dedicated to this beer, which is located in the city. On a total of seven floors, you will learn practically everything you wanted to know about beer production. I must admit that I didn’t have high expectations for the visit, but in the end, I was thrilled.

Entrance gate of the Guinness brewery

You walk through the brewery at your own pace, everything is clearly described on the boards, and there are a huge number of interactive elements that make the visit interesting. You can touch the grains of unprocessed barley from which the beer is prepared, dip your fingers in the huge waterfall of water used to brew the beer, and smell the barley at different stages of roasting.

Guinness beer barrels

You will also learn about the processes behind it, such as the production of wooden barrels in which the beer was once stored and transported. An entire floor is dedicated to examples of very original advertising, which is also associated with Guinness beer.

Guinness brewery

The tour of the seven floors goes by really quickly, and you learn a lot of interesting things about beer. You can practically touch, smell, and try everything.

Shop in the Guinness brewery

At the end, there is also a section dedicated to promotional items. The selection is incredibly wide, and the prices are good.

Drink at the Gravity bar

I recommend buying tickets to the brewery online, which cost 22 EUR per person. You choose a specific day and time, so you don’t have to wait in a long queue at the entrance, and you’re inside practically immediately. The price also includes one drink of your choice at the Gravity bar on the seventh floor with a nice view of the surroundings.

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