The Long Hall Pub, Dublin

Long Hall is one of the oldest pubs in Dublin, opened in 1766. The interior spaces are long, hence the name “Long Hall”. The pub’s interior has original decoration from the Victorian era, specifically from 1881, with many beautiful wooden and glass elements. If you want to visit a typical Irish pub outside the busy Temple Bar district, Long Hall is a clear choice.

Long Hall Pub

During the afternoon, it was no problem to find a place right opposite the beautiful bar, and the staff had time for conversation and recommendations of Irish whiskey. There was also an interesting initiation into the “ritual” of dripping a drop of water into the glass to open up the whiskey more. I believe that in the evening, the pub will be filled to the last seat and it will be pleasantly busy.

Guinness Beer

The selection of local beers is wide, and the range of Irish whiskeys is even wider. The service is attentive and fast, the spaces are beautiful, and the prices are normal. If you want to experience a typical old Irish pub, Long Hall will fully satisfy this wish.

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