Israeli and Palestinian beer

As a Czech, I always have to taste the local beer at least once when traveling, even though I rarely drink beer at home. It was no different in Israel and Palestine.

Shepherds Beer
Shepherds is a beer from the Palestinian microbrewery Birzeit, which was founded in the town of the same name. The beer label was controversial, as the Palestinian Authority initially rejected the shepherd’s drawing, claiming it depicted Jesus and was therefore blasphemous. Only after several months did the proposal pass. Shepherds beer is of the Pilsner type. In the tourist part of Bethlehem, a bottle of chilled beer could be purchased together with half a liter of water for 15 shekels, which is approximately 4 EUR. Surprisingly, this beer can also be found in Israel.

Goldstar Beer
Goldstar is the most famous and best-selling Israeli beer brand. The dark lager contains 4.9% alcohol, and various versions are also produced. Goldstar beers are, of course, kosher.

Goldstar Beer
All the beers seemed pleasantly drinkable to me, but I only tasted one can/bottle of each. Beer is not a cheap affair in Israel. A half-liter can of Goldstar beer in a Jerusalem supermarket costs 13 shekels, which is approximately 3.60 EUR. Beer in a restaurant can easily exceed 20 shekels, which is approximately 6 EUR.