Key Beer Bar, Varna

Although I am a lover of wine, when traveling I like to try local beer as well. While exploring the gastronomic offerings of Varna, I discovered the Key beer bar, which offers the opportunity to taste beer in a tasting amount. After one calorically demanding dinner, the next stop was clear.

Beer tasting

The Key beer bar has 26 beers on tap, including local, foreign (e.g. Guinness), and Czech beers (e.g. Starobrno). Six small 2 dl beers cost the equivalent of 10.40 EUR, the selection is determined by the bartender, but there was no problem with wanting to taste only Bulgarian beers. The bartender will also write down the names of the small beers so that you can order the classic size of the beer you liked the most after drinking.

Key beer bar

The bar is located near the center of Varna, directly opposite the small fruit and vegetable market. The stylish decor invites you to stay longer. The visitors of the beer bar were mostly locals, but there were also a few foreigners. The service was fast and pleasant, and it was possible to communicate in English without any problems.

Freshly roasted spicy potato chips

I arrived just before the evening rush and had the opportunity to chat with the owner/manager of the establishment. We mainly discussed Starobrno and the rivalry between the inhabitants of Brno and Prague. In Bulgaria, there are reportedly similar areas that “compete” with each other. Perhaps thanks to this discussion, freshly roasted spicy potato chips landed on my table as a courtesy of the establishment.

Beer bar garden

The beer bar has a small garden in front of the establishment right on the street, where I sat and watched the surrounding hustle and bustle. If you’re lucky, you might be joined not only by local guests but also by some of the many local cats.


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