Geula Bakery, Jerusalem

Geula Bakery is one of the more well-known bakeries in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish quarter of Me’a She’arim in Jerusalem. It is famous for its sweet pastries.

Geula Bakery - product selection

Inside, you will find a large number of freshly baked products, especially various pastries filled with curd cheese or chocolate.

Geula Bakery - product selection

Smaller pastries are sold by weight here, so you can take one piece of each type and taste what appeals to you the most.

Geula Bakery - product selection

Of course, it is also possible to buy kosher pastries in the bakery. Card payment is not possible here, so have cash ready.

Entrance to Geula Bakery

As I mentioned earlier, the bakery is located in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish quarter of Me’a She’arim in Jerusalem. The inhabitants of this quarter somewhat isolate themselves from the rest of Jerusalem and if you decide to visit the quarter outside the Sabbath period, I recommend appropriate clothing, i.e., covering the whole body. For women, I do not recommend pants, but a skirt down to the ankles, and I also recommend hiding Christian religious symbols. Visiting Me’a She’arim is an interesting experience, as you are almost transported from modern Jerusalem to the 19th century. The center of the quarter is not large, and if you do not feel comfortable here, it is very easy to leave Me’a She’arim at any time through one of the side streets.

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