Patisserie Schiuma, Matera

Patisserie Schiuma is a pleasant little establishment almost in the historical center of Matera, founded in 1946. The offer of handmade desserts and pastries is very tempting, and the outdoor seating in the garden is also nice. I visited the pastry shop twice and always left satisfied.

Schiuma Pastry Shop

During both visits, I couldn’t resist the zeppole dessert – fried donuts decorated with pudding cream and a little jam on the surface, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. The zeppole cost 2.30 EUR.

Whipped mascarpone with strawberry topping

During the second visit, I was also tempted by a dessert in the form of whipped mascarpone with strawberry topping. If I add the excellent taste of the desserts, the pleasant staff, and the reasonable prices, Schiuma is definitely a patisserie worth recommending.

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