Turkish Airlines on board menu (2)

During my trip to the exotic island of Mauritius, I used the services of Turkish Airlines, so I could explore the on board menu they serve to their guests. In this article, I describe the menu on the short flight from Prague to Istanbul, while the ten-hour flight from Istanbul to Mauritius is covered in a separate article: “Turkish Airlines on board menu on long-haul flights“.

Turkish Airlines on board menu - dinner
Turkish Airlines on board menu – dinner

The departure from Prague was in the evening, so dinner was served on board the aircraft. The main course consisted of deliciously flavored minced meat patties with rice and sautéed vegetables. A separate bowl contained a cold bean salad. For dessert, passengers could enjoy mascarpone with forest fruits. As always, a freshly baked roll, bottled water, butter, and jam were served with the meal. On short flights with Turkish Airlines, non-alcoholic beverages, a small bottle of wine, or a can of beer are offered. During the second pass through the cabin, coffee or tea is also offered.

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Turkish Airlines on board menu - breakfast
Turkish Airlines on board menu – breakfast

On the return flight from Istanbul to Prague in the morning, a classic breakfast was served – scrambled eggs with tomato slices, baked toast with kasar cheese and a slice of turkey ham. This was complemented by a bowl of thick muesli soaked in milk with a piece of fresh fruit and a bowl of Turkish cheeses and olives. Freshly baked rolls, packaged butter, cherry jam, and water were also provided. Non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea were served with breakfast.

The entire menu is included in the price of the ticket. I consider the Turkish Airlines on board menu to be one of the best you can experience on your travels in economy class.

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