Turkish Airlines on board menu

Thanks to frequent flying with low-cost airlines like Ryanair or Wizz Air, I am used to getting only transportation from point A to point B for my money. No on board refreshments, no drinks, and deliberate separation of passengers traveling together. This practice is increasingly used by traditional airlines as well.

Therefore, every flight with a company that does not behave this way is a small celebration (although it must be added that it is royally paid for). When traveling to Istanbul, I like to use the services of Turkish Airlines. I like the option to plan my departure from Prague in the morning and the departure from Istanbul late in the afternoon. Turkish Airlines serves an onboard menu even on short flights. What does such on board catering look like at 11 kilometers above the ground?

Morning on board menu of Turkish Airlines
For breakfast on my flight, scrambled eggs with roasted tomatoes and a roll were served. In a small bowl, there was a selection of cheeses, a few olives, and a slice of cucumber. In addition, a portion of tasty brownies, cherry jam, butter, and a bottle of water. For drinks, you could choose from classic non-alcoholic beverages (coffee, tea, cola, juices) and alcoholic beverages (red and white wine, beer).

Afternoon on board menu of Turkish Airlines

On the afternoon flight back to Prague, chicken curry with grilled peppers and rice was served. The portion of chicken meat was really large, comparable to a portion in a restaurant, maybe even larger. The main meal was traditionally accompanied by a roll, butter, jam, and water. In a small box, excellent hummus with black olives was served. In the second box, there was an excellent chocolate mousse with whipped cream. I am not afraid to call it the best dessert I have ever eaten as part of an on board menu. Classic non-alcoholic beverages and beer or wine were available again from the poured drinks. The level of the afternoon meal was a very pleasant surprise.

And how do you handle refreshments on board airplanes? Do you choose airlines with refreshments included in the price or low-cost airlines and your own refreshments, or do you buy food and drinks directly on board?

Have a nice flight!

Accommodation in Istanbul
I wholeheartedly endorse the Mest Hotel located directly in the heart of Istanbul. The hotel is elegantly renovated, the breakfasts are incredible and the views are spectacular. I last stayed here in the fall of 2022 and will definitely be back again.