Vrátnice Restaurant, Český Krumlov

The nice weather was tempting to go on a trip. This time, the destination was Český Krumlov, a town I had always just passed through by boat, but never ventured on a longer tour of its historic center. It was decided. However, researching where to go for lunch was surprisingly complicated. It seemed to me that the town was literally interwoven with tourist traps and the few recommendations I found on the web did not appeal to me much.

In the end, the choice fell on Vrátnice restaurant. And it was a truly great choice. Vrátnice is located near the bus station, close to the hospital complex. Don’t be put off by this, as the proximity of the hospital is not noticeable. Every working day, there is a daily menu available, with the main course including soup for approximately 150 CZK (about 6 EUR).

Berlin schnitzel with potato salad

The Berlin schnitzel with potato salad was excellent. Golden fried, very tasty. Mustard and horseradish, with which the slice of meat was coated before frying, pleasantly emphasized the taste. Mexican tomato soup with nachos and cheese also did not disappoint.

Red velvet dessert

The pleasant weather tempted us to have a dessert on the outdoor terrace, a variation of the red velvet cake. The sweet finish cost 75 CZK (about 3 EUR).

Český Krumlov

During our visit, the restaurant gradually filled up to the last seat, and I’m not surprised. Not only the lunch menu but also the classic menu looks very tempting. Add to that pleasant and fast service, satisfaction.

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