Weekend brunch in Mlýnec Restaurant, Prague

After less than a month since our last visit, we went back to the Mlýnec restaurant, this time for a weekend brunch. The brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday at Mlýnec and is a very popular event among guests, often with a fully booked capacity.

To the guests are offered three appetizers, three main courses, and two desserts. The weekend brunch menu is known a week in advance. Dishes are served together for all people at the table, and guests serve themselves on their own plates, with portions being reasonably sized. The meal is complemented by unlimited consumption of white and red wine, prosecco, beer, and selected non-alcoholic beverages.

Bread with broccoli spread

Practically immediately after being seated at our table, a welcoming glass of prosecco and warm bread with broccoli spread arrived. We came in a group of three, so each person had their portion prepared on their plate.

Mushroom sour soup and chicken croquette

As an appetizer, we were served a truly excellent mushroom sour soup with shimeji mushrooms and onions. The chicken croquette was complemented by a celery remoulade with nuts.

Seafood salad, fennel, celery root, and little gem

Another appetizer was a seafood salad with fennel, celery root, and little gem lettuce. At our request, shrimp were omitted from one portion due to an allergy.

Dark cod with pea risotto and Bernaise sauce

Dark cod with pea risotto and Bernaise sauce was the first main course. The risotto at Mlýnec is always great. The fish was excellently prepared, and the Bernaise sauce was a perfect match.

Grilled beef steak, turkey confit with cognac sauce

The next plate with main courses offered grilled beef steak, turkey confit with cognac sauce, and as a side dish, potato croquette with mozzarella and pancetta. In a bowl, there was red beet with polenta, corn, and peanuts.

Créme caramel with thyme crumble and strawberry cupcake with mint

For dessert, créme caramel with thyme crumble and strawberry cupcake with mint were served.

Restaurant interior - preparations for the evening shift are underway

Weekend brunch is served at Mlýnec every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm and costs 1,190 CZK (about 48 EUR). If I add unlimited consumption of quality Italian wines, beer, selected non-alcoholic beverages, an incredible view of Charles Bridge, and last but not least, very pleasant and absolutely professional service, it comes out as a great offer.

If you haven’t been to Mlýnec for a weekend brunch yet, go, you won’t regret it. And you might even be the last one in the restaurant, as we did in this case…

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