Alouda milkshake

Alouda is a traditional non-alcoholic drink from Mauritius. Its main ingredient is chilled full-fat condensed milk, flavored syrup, soaked basil seeds, and agar agar jelly. Before serving, a scoop of ice cream is often added to the drink to make it even more refreshing in the hot Mauritian weather.

Alouda Milkshake

I tasted Alouda at the market in Port Louis at the renowned Alouda Pillay stand. And how was it? Great! Refreshing, not too sweet, and pleasantly flavored with vanilla. The ice cream was a great addition to the Alouda.

Alouda Milkshake

Preparing the milkshake is not complicated. Full-fat condensed milk is boiled, giving the drink a thicker consistency. Basil seeds are soaked in water beforehand, giving them volume and an interesting shape. The red substance on the surface is grated agar agar. You can easily make Alouda at home, the full recipe and method can be found here:

If you want to taste the milkshake in the same place as me, according to the photo below, you can’t miss the stand located right next to the entrance to the food section of the market.

Alouda Pillay Stand

One glass at Alouda Pillay costs 35 MUR, which is less than 1 EUR. You can also order a version without ice cream or less sweet, which are even cheaper. Because Alouda is truly popular, larger packaging is also sold – half a liter costs 60 MUR (about 1.20 EUR), and one liter is 110 MUR (about 2 EUR).

Alouda is definitely worth a try!

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map link: