Altamura Bread DOC

Altamura bread is the first European bakery product that received the protected designation of origin (DOC in Italian language) in 2003. It is a bread baked from a special semolina flour, which gives the bread a specific taste and color, and the recipe also includes sourdough, salt, and water. The crust is thicker, as the bread had to stay fresh for several days. According to local recommendations, the bread tastes great on its own, just with high-quality Italian olive oil and ripe tomatoes.

Altamura bread

The first preserved mentions of bakery activity in Altamura date back to 1527, but the Roman poet Horace mentioned bread from this area much, much earlier – in 37 BC. We bought the bread in Altamura at the historic Di Gesù bakery, which was founded in 1842. There was an older, but very pleasant man in the store who didn’t speak English at all, but tried to communicate with us even more. A nice experience in itself.


Altamura is a pleasant small town that is worth a short visit. The preserved historical center invites you to stroll through the narrow streets. In nearby caves, the remains of the so-called “Altamura man” were found – the oldest Neanderthal from whom DNA was obtained. The remains are over 400,000 years old.

You can easily get to Altamura by bus or train from Bari, which is only 50 kilometers away.

Have a nice trip!

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