Costoluto Tomato aka Ribbed Tomato

The Costoluto tomato is a special variety of tomato that comes from Italy. The name “costoluto” means “ribbed” in Italian and refers to the characteristic ribbed appearance of the tomato. In Italian shops, this tomato is often sold still green, which may give us a false impression of unripeness. However, even the green tomatoes of this variety can be consumed without worry.

Costoluto tomato

The Costoluto tomato is firm, very fleshy, has a sweet taste, and is exceptionally suitable for salads. It is easy to slice into thin slices, so it is often used in Caprese salad with fresh mozzarella and basil.

Costoluto tomato

I buy Costoluto tomatoes every time I visit Italy. The green color may deter some people, my parents were afraid of it at first. After tasting the green tomatoes, they immediately fell in love with them. Half a kilogram of tomatoes can be bought in a supermarket for approximately 2.50 EUR.

And what about you and the green ribbed tomatoes? Have you tasted them? Or do you stick to the classic, red ones?