Machaneh Yehudah Market, Jerusalem

Machaneh Yehuda is a popular market in Jerusalem. Part of the market is covered, part is open-air. It is located in the district of the same name and is known for its wide range of fresh produce, meat, and other goods.

Machaneh Yehudah Market

The market is a lively and bustling place where vendors sell a wide range of goods, including fruits and vegetables, spices, nuts, sweets, and other items. It is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike.

Machaneh Yehudah Market in Jerusalem

There are also stalls with clothing, household items, and other goods. Part of the market is occupied by bistros offering various dishes, such as falafel, shawarma, and other local specialties.

Sweets at Machaneh Yehudah Market

Machaneh Yehuda Market is one of the historical ones, operating for many years. The origins of the market date back to the times of the Ottoman Empire when it was a small market serving the local community. Over the years, the market has grown and developed, becoming a significant Jerusalem trading center.

Olives at Machaneh Yehudah Market

The number of stalls at the market ranges between 250 – 350, with up to 200,000 people visiting daily. It has also become a venue for various cultural events. Despite modern development, Machaneh Yehuda has retained its historical character and cultural significance, and visiting it is a great experience even now. The market is open daily except for Shabbat and some holidays.

Assortment of sweets at Machaneh Yehudah market

If you want to experience something unusual, try visiting just before the start of Shabbat. Merchants will be selling off goods that may spoil during the day off. They will loudly shout their offers and try to sell even with a discount. The number of people in the market alleys will increase significantly, and some will be practically impassable. Everyone will try to shop, but also eat at popular bistros.

Assortment of sweets at Machaneh Yehudah market

As soon as it gets dark and the first star appears, Shabbat begins. The whole place will practically empty out instantly. The streets that were impassable will now be empty. Bistros and shops will be closed. Only a few people will remain on site to clean up. This change takes place in just a few minutes, and the difference is truly huge. However, if you don’t like very crowded places, I recommend avoiding the market before the start of Shabbat. For me, though, it was a powerful and unexpected experience.

Enjoy shopping at Machaneh Yehudah market!

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