Gogoși aka Romanian filled doughnuts

Gogoși are Romanian doughnuts, somewhat similar to Czech ones. Czech doughnuts are usually the size of an apple, while in Romania, they can be found in truly gigantic sizes. The dough recipe is similar to ours, but Romanian doughnuts can be filled with both sweet and savory fillings. You will come across gogoși filled with bryndza, kashkaval cheese, chocolate, jams, curd, or they can be sold without filling.

Chocolate gogoși

I came across them in the town of Sibiu, which is located in the middle of Romania. Among the locals, it was a popular treat, so I couldn’t resist and tried a freshly fried delicacy with chocolate filling. If you like doughnuts, you will be thrilled, as gogoși are eaten hot, and the filling was excellent.


The most common price for a filled gogoși was 4 RON, i.e., about 0.80 EUR. A plain doughnut without filling was sold for 2.50 RON, i.e., about 0.50 EUR. However, Romanian doughnuts are 3 to 4 times larger, and there is also significantly more filling.

If you don’t know gogoși, be sure to try them!