Pohlreich’s Best Restaurant: Big Overview, Restaurant Contacts

Pohlreich’s Restaurant Battle is a new TV show in which 12 restaurants compete against each other. The series has 10 episodes. In each episode, two restaurants focused on the same type of cuisine compete against each other. The format is a Czech adaptation of the show Ramsay’s Best Restaurant, which aired in 2010.

The selection of restaurants for the show is exceptionally high-quality, and if you plan to visit any of the establishments, I recommend doing so before they are broadcast on TV.

Traditional Czech cuisine (March 8, 2023)

U Jiskrů Restaurant
The historic inn was modernly restored in 2019. Head chef Martin Jiskra is trying to capitalize on his lifelong experience here. The menu includes some forgotten recipes of Czech cuisine, such as baked Szeged goulash, veal tenderloin, pulled flap, or pigeon meat. The inn strives to use high-quality and local ingredients, handle them economically, and respect nature. Their book can be a nice gift for a cooking enthusiast.


Na Pašince Restaurant 🏆
Restaurant Na Pašince focuses on modern, as well as classic Czech cuisine. They are not afraid to include new and non-traditional dishes on their menu, which changes daily. According to numerous reviews, it is among the top choices of where to go when you want to eat well in Kutná Hora. The restaurant has been operated by the family of Miroslav Kopecký since 1994.

Italian Cuisine (March 15, 2023)

Dejvická 34 Restaurant 🏆
Restaurant Dejvická 34 focuses on Italian cuisine, its head chef Tomáš Černý gained experience, for example, under the guidance of Riccardo Lucque. In the autumn of 2021, it received the Michelin Bib award (exceptional price/performance ratio). You can also visit Dejvická 34 for a lunch menu, see, for example, a fresh article from March 2023 or June 2022.


Di Nuovo Restaurant
The Italian restaurant Di Nuovo is run by experienced professionals Karel Šimůnek and Petr Hajný. Years ago, they opened a family restaurant called “Zas a Znova” in the small village of Hlubočinka, and when they had the opportunity to take over another space just two kilometers away in the summer of 2022, they did not hesitate and created a “piece of Italy on the outskirts of Prague” – the Di Nuovo restaurant in Horní Jirčany.

Modern Czech Cuisine (March 22, 2023)

Long Story Short 🏆
The Olomouc restaurant Long Story Short offers dishes made from seasonal ingredients from local farmers. It features a “world fusion” concept with a daily menu and creative dinners. An open kitchen uses a Josper Grill for high-temperature food preparation. The menu often changes according to the seasonality of the ingredients. The kitchen is led by Petr Heneš, who has extensive experience from abroad. The restaurant also has its own bakery with various types of bread and sweet treats.


Sůl a Řepa Restaurant
The Sůl a Řepa Restaurant in Strakonice focuses on using local ingredients and interesting combinations of flavors. The establishment, led by Pavel Drdel, collaborates with local farmers and strives to use all parts of plants without waste. They pickle or ferment leftovers as a tribute to the plant itself and the work of the farmers. The head chef is the author of the cookbook, which can also be a very nice gift idea for food enthusiasts.

American Cuisine (March 29, 2023)

Obora Restaurant
Meat, meat, and grilled meat for the third time, that’s the Poděbrady restaurant Obora. On the menu, you will find a wild boar burger with slices of roasted bacon, a burger with pulled pork, or a burger with fried chicken. In addition, a steak from aged beef or the American classic mac & cheese. Every Sunday, they serve a southern brunch here.


Dock House🏆
Dock House, that’s perfect beef on an open lava grill, which is the heart of the restaurant. On the menu, you will find beef from North America, Brazil, or Australia. It is possible to choose a 750 or 1500 gram tasting portion. In addition, a wide range of sauces and side dishes.

Asian Cuisine (April 5, 2023)

Dian Restaurant
Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist, that’s Dian. Together with Taro restaurant and Gao Den restaurant, they are under the wings of brothers Khanh and Giang Ta. The brothers strive to teach Czechs to share food and the joy of it together, so the evening menu is served in the middle of the table and guests can taste more dishes. On the menu, you can find dishes such as beef rendang, gyoza dumplings, or banh it and rice rolls bánh cuốn.


Bistro Nhà hai hanh (“Dům u dvou Cibulí”) 🏆
The Vietnamese bistro “Dům u dvou Cibulí” offers a “mâm” style of dining. In this style, dishes are placed in the middle of the table and everyone takes food from the shared bowls according to their taste. You can choose from meat, vegetable, or fish mâm. Upon advance order, it is possible to prepare a “hot pot”, see the fresh article from March 2023. In this style, a pot with boiling soup is placed in the middle of the table, and guests prepare what they crave – thin slices of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, or tofu. If Prague’s Sapa is too far for you or you want to try this non-traditional way of dining, be sure to visit the bistro Nhà hai hanh.

Fine Dining (April 12, 2023)

Salabka restaurant🏆
Salabka restaurant can be found in the vineyard hills of Prague’s Troja. The creative and modern cuisine here is under the control of Petr Kunc, who has extensive experience from Michelin restaurants. After all, Salabka is also included in the Michelin guide. An enticing six-course tasting menu here costs 3,000 CZK (approx. 120 Eur), and a vegetarian option is also available.


MACE restaurant
The Tábor MACE restaurant focuses on Czech cuisine in a modern, lightened concept. It prides itself on using regional fresh ingredients and returning to nature. A six-course tasting menu here costs 1,250 CZK (approx. 50 Eur), unfortunately, there is no ala carte menu available on the website. The signature dish of chef Martin Svátek is a chanterelle soup.

Semifinal 1/2 (April 19, 2023)

The first semi-final pitted the restaurants Na Pašince, Dejvická 34 and Long Story Short against each other. The winner of the first semifinal is Long Story Short 🏆.

Semifinal 2/2 (April 26, 2023)

In the second semifinal pitted Dock House, Nhà hai hanh bistro (“Dům u dvou Cibulí”) and the fine dining restaurant Salabka against each other. The winner of the second semifinal is Salabka 🏆.

Final (May 3, 2023)

In the final round, the Long Story Short and Salabka restaurants faced each other. The absolute winner of the first serie of the Pohlreich’s Best Restaurant competition is Salabka restaurant!

Source of the cover image: official website of the show Pohlreich’s Best Restaurant.