Dejvická 34 Restaurant, Prague (2)

Dejvická 34 restaurant always manages to transport me to my beloved Italy for a moment. And since almost a month has passed since my return from Matera, I decided to revive some of my memories here. Dejvická 34 serves a lunch menu every working day in addition to its regular menu and this week it was irresistibly tempting for me.

Seared salmon with rhubarb velouté, Gin Mare essence and fresh strawberries
The appetizer was seared salmon with rhubarb velouté, Gin Mare essence and fresh strawberries. The salmon was lightly seared on the surface and the rhubarb sauce and strawberries made a great combination. The dish not only tasted great but also looked beautiful.

Sea bass ala saltimbocca with dried ham, sage and tomato "risotto" from barley groats
For the main course, I chose sea bass with tomato groats risotto. The sea bass was prepared in the style of saltimbocca. The bolder combination with sage and dried ham was perfect. The creamy “risotto” from barley groats (kroupoto in Czech language) went well with the fish and the tomato pieces were pleasantly refreshing in the dish. I love Italian risotto, and this Czech version served by Dejvická 34 was simply great.

Bitter chocolate mousse with plum compote and amaretto
The dessert was a bitter chocolate mousse with plum compote and amaretto. The chocolate foam was hidden in the middle of a thin layer of chocolate, with the plum compote underneath. A visually stunning dessert with a perfect taste.

Interior of Dejvická 34 Restaurant

In November 2021, the restaurant received a Michelin Bib award – an exceptional price/performance ratio. A three-course lunch menu can be purchased for 699 CZK, which is about 30 EUR, the main course and dessert for 599 CZK (25 EUR), and a separate main course for 479 CZK (20 EUR). Although the restaurant has increased the price of the lunch menu since my last visit, the performance has increased even more and I was absolutely thrilled with the visit.

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