Pohotovka Canteen, Prague

Pohotovka Canteen is not Alcron, you certainly won’t invite a girl for a date here, but when you walk by at lunchtime, the long line will make you want to explore the menu written in chalk on the board in front of the restaurant. Before another minute passes, you’ll find yourself sitting at a table enjoying great Czech food.

Grilled liver, fries, tartar sauce
Grilled liver, fries, tartar sauce

Pohotovka is a very popular canteen in the Prague district of Stodůlky, a stone’s throw away from one of the Makro branches. It focuses on traditional Czech cuisine and is a popular place where to go for a cheap lunch. During your visit, you will take a plastic tray, tell your order to the staff on the other side of the counter and within half a minute, your food is ready. Pohotovka is exceptionally popular among locals, evidenced by the daily queue that forms in front of it. The guests are made up of people in overalls, as well as white collars from nearby IT companies.

Pohotovka Canteen - food service
Pohotovka Canteen – food service

Most meals cost a modest 139 CZK (approx. 6 EUR) and the Pohotovka menu is also available online. The canteen underwent a complete renovation less than a year ago, all equipment is new, everything is clean. They are happy to pack your food to go, which is also utilized by a large portion of the diners. The staff is friendly and fast. Card payment is possible. You can sit indoors or in the outdoor garden.

Pohotovka Canteen - menu
Pohotovka Canteen – menu

If you are passing by Makro in Stodůlky during lunchtime, are hungry and want to quickly and well satisfy your hunger, give Pohotovka a chance. You will get exactly what you expect and you will definitely return.

Just as I occasionally do.

More information can be obtained by clicking on the map link:

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