Rhumerie de Chamarel

Rhumerie de Chamarel, thanks to the possibility of a tour with tasting, is a popular stop for tourists exploring the island of Mauritius. The distillery produces high-quality aged rums, and sugar cane is grown directly on the grounds belonging to the distillery. The company was founded only in 2007, but it has already managed to gain a leading position in the market of Mauritian rums.

Garden of Rhumerie de Chamarel

The Rhumerie is located in the middle of a beautiful area, planted with palm trees and tropical plants. Even during a short walk from the entrance gate to the distillery, the visitor is alerted to the many rare orchids that grow and bloom here.

At the Rhumerie, visitors can explore the rum production process from beginning to end. During my visit, the sugar cane crushing and pressing line was unfortunately shut down, and cleaning was taking place, but it was still an interesting demonstration of how the production works.

Distillation boiler of Rhumerie de Chamarel

Distillation was actively taking place in the distillation boilers. The guide of the company always stops with his group at each step of rum production, explains everything in detail, and willingly answers questions.

Rhumerie de Chamarel - rum tasting

For many visitors, the most interesting part is the rum tasting, which is included in the admission price. You can taste total of eight samples – white rum, aged rum, rums flavored with vanilla and a mixture of spices, and rum liqueurs flavored with vanilla, coffee, coconut, and tangerine. The liqueurs have a lower alcohol percentage and are sweetened with sugar.

Rhumerie de Chamarel - premium rum tasting

For an additional fee of 100, 200, or 300 MUR (approx. 2 – 6 EUR), you can also taste much more interesting samples of aged rums and rums maturing in various types of barrels.

Zen Garden Rhumerie de Chamarel

There is also a company store located directly in the Rhumerie, where the basic range of rums is about a third cheaper than, for example, in Winners supermarkets. Premium rums were priced the same. Admission to Rhumerie de Chamarel costs 450 MUR, which is approximately 9 EUR. It is advisable to reserve approximately 1 – 2 hours for the visit. The best way to get to the Rhumerie is by taxi, as the establishment is not near any bus stop.

Enjoy your tasting!

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