Mauritian rum

Mauritius is famous for its production of rum. The original rum is made by fermenting and distilling molasses or juice from sugar cane. The cane has ideal conditions for growth on the island. The resulting distillate is then aged in barrels, which gives it its characteristic color and taste.

There are several rum distilleries on Mauritius. Local rum is known for its high quality and unique taste. The production has a long history dating back to the 18th century when the island was a significant producer of sugar cane. Among the most famous Mauritian rum brands are Medine, Chamarel, and St Aubin.

Note! At the end of the article, you will find a tip on how to save significantly when buying rum to take home.

Chamarel Distillery

Chamarel Rum
Chamarel Distillery is known for its high-quality aged rums. The rums have a delicate and complex flavor and are considered some of the best rums on the island. The distillery can be visited as part of a tour, which includes an extensive tasting. In the company store, you can buy rums that are actually cheaper than the price in the supermarket. A three-year-old rum from sugar cane juice here cost 1500 MUR, which is about 30 EUR.

Medine Distillery

Penny Blue VSOP Rum
Medine Distillery is one of the largest and most well-known rum producers in Mauritius. The company produces a wide range of rums, including white, gold, and aged varieties. Medine rums are produced using traditional methods and aged in oak barrels, which give them a distinctive flavor and color. It is possible to buy rum from special series that are highly rated by rum connoisseurs. I tried the affordable four-year-old Penny Blue VSOP rum, which costs 1200 MUR in the supermarket, which is about 24 EUR. If I had to bring only one bottle in this price range back home, this would be it.

Saint Aubin Distillery

Rum Saint Aubin

Saint Aubin Distillery is a small family business that produces a range of traditional rums from sugarcane and molasses. Its rums are renowned for their delicate and rich flavor. I bought a small rum tasting set at the supermarket. The tasting set cost 750 MUR, which is approximately 15 EUR. Each bottle has a volume of 50 ml, so you can take it with you in your carry-on luggage and remember Mauritius on the long plane journey home.

Other rums in Mauritius

Rum Goodwill
There are a huge number of rums to taste in Mauritius at all possible price points. Because excellent 100% juice from local fruit is available in stores, I once tried a rum from the opposite price spectrum to make a homemade cocktail. Rum Goodwill costs 150 MUR, which is approximately 3 EUR for a package of 0.375 L. A nice legend about it says that the map on this rum is the only map in the world with which a person gets lost and never gets anywhere.

How to save money when buying rum to take home

Mauritian rum is a great souvenir. On the website, it is possible to order various local products and also rum with delivery directly to the airport, even AFTER baggage and liquid check. I compared the prices of Penny Blue VSOP rum (which I mentioned above), and purchasing through this website is even more advantageous than in the supermarket.

Penny Blue VSOP Rum

  • price at Winners supermarket 1200 MUR (approximately 24 EUR)
  • price when buying directly at the airport 33.50 EUR
  • price when ordering in advance for pick-up at the airport 15.50 EUR

If you have a layover, always check the conditions at the layover location. However, if you are leaving the airport directly after landing and not transferring, liquids in carry-on luggage are usually not checked.

Drink responsibly and enjoy the great Mauritian rum!