Bistro Ben-Sira Hummus, Jerusalem

If I could have just one single meal in Israel, it would be hummus without much thought. Hummus is a paste made from mashed cooked chickpeas, tahini (paste from ground sesame seeds), lemon juice, and other ingredients. It is a good source of protein, fiber, and other nutrients. In the Middle East and Mediterranean region, it is a traditional dish, and you can easily buy hummus in supermarket as well.

Hummus from Ben-Sira Hummus bistro

Because I really like hummus a lot, I wanted to taste this dish in Jerusalem at a place where they prepare it perfectly. The choice fell on Ben-Sira Hummus bistro, and I can say with confidence that it was a great choice. I have never eaten better hummus in my life.

Hummus, falafel, vegetables, and pita bread

Hummus is served here as part of a larger menu along with freshly fried falafel, vegetables, and fluffy, still warm pita bread. Everything costs 36 shekels, which is approximately 10 EUR. The bowl of hummus is generously drizzled with olive oil and covered with chickpea balls. The taste is incredibly delicate.


The bistro is well known among locals. I first tried to visit it about an hour or two before the start of Shabbat. Oh, what a mistake! The queue of Israelis stretched around the corner, so I decided not to wait and try bourekas from a bistro a few hundred meters further (also unsuccessfully – sold out). Before Shabbat, locals go to their favorite restaurants, which close for Shabbat, so the queues are several times longer. The situation was normal when I visited two days later.

Ben-Sira Hummus bistro

The bistro has a sophisticated ordering system similar to the boards you find in front of McDonald’s or KFC – on a large touch screen TV, you can choose everything you want to order in English (or Hebrew), pay by card, enter your name, and sit wherever you like. Once the order is ready, a waitress appears with your food, walks through the bistro, and calls your name several times.

Then you can just enjoy the truly great hummus.

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