Turkish beer Efes

Efes beer, along with Bomonti and Marmara brands, is considered one of the most popular traditional beers in the country. You will find Efes practically everywhere, while Bomonti and Marmara brands are less widespread.

Efes malt beer

Efes is available in several different varieties, including dark, draft beer, and Pilsner-type beer. Each variety has its unique taste, but all are known for their smoothness and drinkability. Pilsner-type beer is light and refreshing, making it a great choice for hot summer days. The dark version is slightly stronger, with a rich malty taste and a hint of caramel. And draft beer is refreshing, easy to drink, and suitable for any occasion.

Efes Pilsen beer

An interesting fact is that Turks do not have access to beer like we do. They want to get into the “mood” faster. So you will also find Efes Xtra with 7.5% alcohol or Efes Xtra Shot with 9.0% alcohol (volume 0.25 l).

Efes Özel Seri beer

The quality of beer is closely related to the quality of water. Efes Brewery takes water from several sources (Adana – code 01, Ankara – code 06, Izmir – code 35). Local beer consumers state that the best beer is from source 35, the worst from source 01. The source is indicated by the number on the bottle/can of beer right after the TR mark. One half-liter of canned beer costs about 30 lira when purchased in a store, which is approximately 1.60 EUR.

Enjoy Turkish beer and drink responsibly!

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