What to bring back from Turkey?

Turkey is for me one of the most gastronomically interesting countries in the world. What items do I have on my list when thinking about what to bring from Turkey?

Turkish halva

Halva. Halva is my favorite Turkish dessert, made from sesame seeds and sugar/honey. These small 40 g sticks are the optimal size for me. One stick cost 7 lira, which is about 0.40 EUR.

Chocolate bar with Turkish pistachios

Chocolate bar with Turkish pistachios. Ideal as a small snack for further trips, a 40 g package cost 12 lira, which is about 0.60 EUR.

Nestlé milk chocolate with Turkish pistachios

Nestlé milk chocolate with Turkish pistachios. Great as a gift, one 60 g package cost 18 lira, which is about 1 EUR.

Earl Grey tea

Turkish tea. Turks are known for their tea-drinking culture, but instead of classic black tea, I prefer Earl Grey type, so I bought this variant. A metal box with 125 g of loose tea cost approximately 2 EUR.

Green tea with sakura flavor

Green tea with sakura flavor. One package with ten 2 g bags cost 28 lira, which is about 1.60 EUR.

Halva with dried figs and walnuts

Halva with dried figs and walnuts. I really like the combination of nuts and figs, so I tasted halva with this flavor as well. A 350g package cost 17 lira, which is about 1 EUR.

Black mulberry jam

Black mulberry jam. Mulberry trees are often grown as ornamental trees, but their fruits are edible. One 300ml jar cost 25 lira, which is about 1.30 EUR.

Turkish lentil soup

Turkish lentil soup. I like to bring home food from my travels that I don’t usually eat. This lentil soup from Knorr cost 9 lira, which is about 0.50 EUR.

And what did you bring back from your travels in Turkey?

Accommodation in Istanbul
I wholeheartedly endorse the Mest Hotel located directly in the heart of Istanbul. The hotel is elegantly renovated, the breakfasts are incredible and the views are spectacular. I last stayed here in the fall of 2022 and will definitely be back again.