Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is prepared in a traditional way, which has been used in countries such as Turkey or Greece for centuries. The coffee is made from finely ground coffee beans, slowly cooked in a pot called “cezve”. It is served in small cups. On Turkish streets, you can often see vendors preparing it in this traditional way.

Preparing Turkish coffee

The coffee is served with a small amount of foam on the surface, which is considered a sign of a well-prepared cup of coffee. Drinking Turkish coffee is essentially a ritual that accompanies its preparation and consumption. In Turkey and other countries, it is often served with a glass of water and a small sweet.

Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is unfiltered, which means that the coffee sediment is in the cup along with the liquid. This gives it a strong and rich taste, which is completely different from other types of coffee. Sugar is added to the coffee during cooking. Even if you don’t sweeten your coffee at home, I recommend trying at least one cup with a medium amount of sugar (tell the vendor “medium sugar”).

Sediment in Turkish coffee

It is impossible to visit Turkey and not taste the delicate Turkish coffee. During each visit to Istanbul, I try to visit “my” favorite street vendor, who can be seen in the photos in the article. He sets up his coffee restaurant every day on one of the streets around İstiklal Cd. Great coffee prepared in a traditional way costs 25 lira, which is about 1.40 EUR.

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