Turkish tea

Turkish tea (in Turkish “çay”) is one of the foundations of Turkish gastronomy. You can find it in every household and café. The tea is made from a specific variety of black tea leaves called “Rize”, which is grown in the eponymous Turkish province.

Tea leaves are steeped with boiling water in a traditional teapot called “çaydanlık”, which has a small spout and a long handle. The tea is then poured into small tulip-shaped glasses and served with a cube of sugar, which is commonly added to the tea to enhance the flavor. It is also common to include a small piece of sweetness.

Turkish tea
Turkish tea

In Turkish culture, tea is not only a beverage but also a symbol of hospitality and friendship. When visiting a friend or family member, it is customary to offer them a cup of tea as a welcome. Drinking Turkish tea is an integral part of every visit to Turkey for me. You can truly enjoy it anywhere. In the famous Hafız Mustafa pastry shop, which was founded in 1864, you can get it for 14.50 lira, which is about 0.80 EUR.

Turkish tea is one of the things that are simply inseparable from Turkey.

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